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Care is not a casual thing. It is a continuous effort that you’re happy to make, time and time again. It has everything to do with making the right choices, with choosing the right partner. Because if you’re committed, the future is bright.

Our commitment to the healthcare industry

Security of supply

At Borealis and Borouge, we are committed to fulfilling your requirements – anytime, anywhere. Securing your supply of quality resins and grades is a top priority for us.

That is why many of our production sites have a sister plant that can act as a back-up supplier. We have even extended this to our specially developed grades for innovative healthcare applications. But we do more.

We enter into agreements with our customers to safeguard the long-term supply and consistent quality of our products, to avoid uncontrolled changes and variations in quality.

We can sort out the practical things such as making sure there are appropriate stock levels and giving the right planning prioritisation

Jane Toogood

Former Senior Vice President - New Business Development and Healthcare

Long standing partnerships

Our commitment to the healthcare industry goes beyond developing and supplying polyolefins. We have 30 years of experience working closely with film and moulding converters, pharmaceutical companies, machinery suppliers and other stakeholders.

We actively engage with our partners in the value chain, consult with the top healthcare companies, and participate in major industry events and focus groups. Combined with our expertise and progressive attitude, this makes us the right partner for
the healthcare industry.

Borealis International Innovation Headquarters
Linz, Austria

Step-change innovations

We offer unparalleled material consistency and service.At the same time, we constantly develop new materials to enable step-change healthcare innovations.

A good example is the soft polypropylene resin (Bormed™ SB815MO) that we recently launched. Thanks to a unique property balance it can be used to produce fully self-collapsible IV containers, pharmacopeia compliant for parenteral or ophthalmic packaging. On top of that, IV containers made from this new soft PP resin are sterilisable at 121°C.

Another of our recent innovations was a significant reduction of costly impact modifier in film formulation for IV bags, delivered with full European and US Pharmacopeia compliance, and supported by the BormedTM service package.