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Borealis customers greet new regulated grade Bormed™ BJ868MO as welcome extension to our healthcare portfolio

photo: © Premix Group

Borealis recently launched Bormed™ BJ868MO, a high flow, heterophasic polypropylene copolymer intended for use in the production of medical and diagnostic devices such as pipettes. This regulated grade is now available globally and extends the range of Bormed™ polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for rigid and flexible products. As a matter of course, it is included in our Bormed™ Concept service package encompassing Service, Commitment, and Conformance.

As a regulated grade, Bormed™ BJ868MO enables our healthcare customers to achieve full compliance with increasingly stringent safety regulations, especially in Europe. These include the IVDR (pertaining to in vitro diagnostic medical devices), which applies as of 26 May 2022; and the MDR (covering medical devices), which applies as of 26 May 2020. Both regulations aim to improve patient safety by introducing stricter procedures for conformity assessment of medical devices.

How our customers can benefit from Bormed™ BJ868MO

Bormed BJ868MO was validated in close cooperation among Borealis, Premix Oy (a leading manufacturer of electrically conductive and high frequency plastics), and a leading medical diagnostics company. The grade functions as the ideal base for a new, electrically conductive compound used in the production of high precision pipettes. The advantages it offers to manufacturers and end users include:

  • High impact resistance – minimizes risk of breakage for the end user
  • High impact resistance – ensures good drop performance of final device in varying conditions (at refrigerator, deep freezer and sub-zero temperatures)
  • Superior high flow – enables fast and easy mould filling; flow-length-to-wall-thickness ratios of up to 300 provide for very good dimensional stability
  • Lower holding pressures, lower processing temperatures and faster cycle times – all enhance sustainability thanks to reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Like other members of the Bormed family of grades tailored to healthcare applications, quality assurance for Bormed BJ868MO is guaranteed thanks to the Bormed Concept. Customers can rely on continuity of supply thanks to a two-year, underwritten pre-notification prior to product change (in accordance with pre-arranged Technical Delivery Specification with customer). Long-term traceability is made possible in part due to retention of Quality Control data and samples. Superior product consistency, quality and purity are maintained through special production and quality precautions.

Collaboration success story: Borealis and Premix Oy

Bormed BJ868MO is the result of intensive collaboration among Borealis, Premix Oy and a leading medical diagnostics company. Based in Finland, Premix Oy is a European market leader and global pioneer in the area of electrically conductive and high frequency plastics used in the healthcare and other industries. Since the early 1990s, their proprietary PRE-ELEC© Premix compounds have been used in automated liquid handling applications. Because these electrically conductive plastic compounds enable extremely accurate liquid level detection, they are now widely used in in vitro diagnostics to ensure precise measurement. Premix compounds have set new material quality standards in the industry.

Bormed BJ868MO Table of Characteristics

MFR (melt-flow rate)

70 g/10 min


905 kg/m3

Tensile Stress at Yield (50 mm/min)

25 MPa

Tensile modulus

1500 MPa

Charpy Impact Strength, notched (23 °C)

5.5 kJ/m2

Melting point (DSC)

166 °C

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The Borealis Healthcare Team

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