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Bormed™ InCompounds widens the range of targeted healthcare applications and products

Bormed™ InCompounds enables the customisation of compounds based on Bormed™ for use in an even wider range of targeted healthcare applications and products.

With the introduction of Bormed™ InCompounds, Borealis extends the range of opportunities for customised healthcare applications and products based on Bormed™ polymers. This service solution is made possible by intensified value chain collaboration with select healthcare compounders.

Bormed InCompounds ensures the recognised Bormed quality, reliability, and conformance in compounds and masterbatches. Using this service solution enables customers to manage and reduce the number of variables in their final products that are subject to regulatory approval and change management procedures. What is more, Bormed InCompounds can also help generate even more diverse and highly tailored compounding solutions for healthcare moulding and film applications.

Borealis employs stringent selection criteria when it comes to choosing our Bormed InCompound value chain partners. Like our current compounding partners Clariant, MELITEK, and the Wittenburg Group, each partner must employ a dedicated healthcare team composed of marketing and business development managers as well as application and regulatory experts; have an own established healthcare product brand; and be certified ISO 13485-2016, among other criteria.

As a matter of course, Bormed InCompounds is closely aligned with the Bormed Concept encompassing Commitment, Service, and Conformance. Borealis is committed to ongoing collaboration with value chain partners in order to anticipate end customer demand for increasingly targeted and sophisticated healthcare solutions based on Bormed. Bormed trusted quality and conformance provides our compounding partners with a dedicated Bormed portfolio for their offering to the healthcare market. Ongoing and intense co-operation with value chain partners – including the stepped-up collaboration which characterises the Bormed InCompounds service solution – allows us to provide best-in-class service to our customers.

For more information on how your company can benefit from our Bormed InCompounds service solution, please contact one of our Sales Managers or Technical Experts.

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