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Following procedure is second nature to healthcare professionals. Avoiding the unexpected and keeping full control is the only way to safeguard patients’ lives. Throughout the value chain, this is how we maintain the highest quality, conforming to all legal standards.

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Regulatory compliance

Our expertise enables us to maintain stable production variables to consistently produce high quality polyolefins for the healthcare industry.

We make it our responsibility to help you safeguard the continued regulatory compliance of your products to European and US Pharmacopeia and ISO standards.

Every single step of the way we operate with disciplined healthcare procedures.

Nina Ackermans

Head of Marketing Advanced Products

Change control

Through dedicated change control procedures we aim to eliminate uncontrolled changes and variations from our production processes that could affect our polyolefins.

Moreover, we proactively develop our change control standards to ensure the consistent quality of your products and the safety of patients.

The human factor

Expertise and procedures are only part of the story. It all comes down to the people at the controls. Of course we have detailed operating instructions that are regularly assessed and updated. And of course we monitor that our procedures are being followed. But we do more to achieve conformance.

We make sure that everyone involved in producing our Bormed™ grades actually knows Bormed requirements, from product development to production, and from supply chain to support functions. Through our dedicated internal training system we spread the knowledge, because it is the first step towards conformance.