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Total commitment to providing superior healthcare grades

The Bormed™ service package

The Bormed™ difference

Borealis experts explaining the impact of the Bormed™ Directive.

How does the Bormed™ Directive shape our development and production, and what does that mean for our healthcare partners? We’ve asked the people who know

What is the Bormed Directive?

Borealis is using the ISO standard as its quality platform however is convinced this is not enough to meet the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry. For this reason, we have our Bormed directive as additional guideline to meet the expectations of our healthcare partners.

Anja Gottschalk

Application Development Engineer

What is the scope of the Bormed Directive?

The Bormed Directive applies to the development of new Bormed resins, as well as our day-to-day operations in production. It also defines how we achieve compliance with European and US pharmacopeia, how we manage changes, and how we assess the application of Bormed materials.

Paulo Cavacas

Business Development Manager

It is fair to say that the Bormed directive has an impact on how we engage with the entire value chain. It is about how we take responsibility to support our healthcare partners and to deliver the best service to our ultimate customer: the patient.

Markus Fuchs

Sales Manager

A comprehensive partnership is key

The right time, the right place.

At Borealis and Borouge, we take an open and proactive approach to service. We work closely with our business partners and share knowledge and expertise with them to help improve their results and meet relevant healthcare standards.

We provide global support. With the Borealis head office in Vienna, the Borouge head offices in Abu Dhabi and Singapore, and local partnerships in North America among others, we have a truly global reach. Our specialists in R&D, technical support, sales, and distribution are ready to help you in 55 countries worldwide, covering 18 languages.

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We aim to deliver the right products with the right information, when and where you need them.

In fact, our product data is always available. And you can count on us to communicate any changes to product specifications very early on.

Our joint venture company Borouge enables us to build customer relationships in India, China, South East Asia and of course the Middle East helping further expand our global reach.

Maria Ciliberti

VP Marketing and New Business Development, Polyolefins, Borealis