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Bormed™ InCompounds

Bormed™ InCompounds widens the range of targeted healthcare applications and products

By partnering with trusted and recognised healthcare compounders, we extend the Bormed reach to compound solutions. In doing so we ensure that every end-customer can get the requested tailor-made solution based on Bormed.

The combination of a very broad polyolefin product offering within the Bormed portfolio, ranging from stiff PP homopolymers to soft PP, LDPE, HDPE and plastomers, and a high customisation potential at our partner compounders offers an unprecedented enlarged array of solutions to their needs.

We provide consistent and high quality materials with a strong focus on regulatory compliance, dedicated change control and security of supply. These are the criteria we also base our selection of partners on.

Thus, we offer “peace of mind” in the moment of selecting raw materials for healthcare packaging or devices, either via a Bormed virgin resin solution or a Bormed based compound.

Bormed InCompounds enables our customers to manage or reduce the number of variables in their final products that are subject to regulatory approval and change management procedures.

Partner Selection Criteria

Being a cross promotion opportunity open to different compounders it’s key to safeguard that only trustworthy companies can be referenced

  • To have a healthcare product brand
  • Dedicated organisation, e.g. demonstrated through a healthcare marketing manager/business development manager
  • ISO13485-2016
  • Open for customer audits
  • Internal change control procedure available
  • Dedicated HC team consisting of application and regulatory experts
  • Document management capabilities to meet compliance needs

Information about compounders

At present, Bormed™ InCompounds involves close collaboration with long-standing and trusted Borealis partners Avient, MELITEK, MOCOM and Wittenburg Group.

Avient Corp., established in July 2020, unites two leading providers of color and performance-enhancing concentrates and compounds: PolyOne and Clariant Masterbatches. They handle over > 150.000 live products manufactured in more than 150 production sites in over 30 countries. Since 2010, legacy Clariant Masterbatches launched a dedicated brand MEVOPUR®; a Healthcare expert team and production in three specialist EN: ISO13485-2016 sites on three continents. Today the MEVOPUR range represents one of the benchmarks for ‘medical-grade’ concentrates and compounds, offering products based on pre-tested ingredients to relevant ISO, USP, and EP standards.

Based in Denmark, MELITEK is an ISO13485 certified elastomer and polymer compounder, with 20 years’ experience focusing solely on the healthcare market. Its proprietary meliflex compounds are produced on dedicated and redundant lines each located in separate production cells in compliance with GMP (Good manufacturing practice).

MOCOM is one of the world's leading compounders of thermoplastic polymers and offers the plastics processing industry a comprehensive range of high-performance plastics and technical compound solutions. The company builds on 50 years of experience, is ISO 13485 certified and produces a consistently high level of quality. With Alcom® MED, MOCOM addresses the strict requirements of a sensitive industry by offering customized compounds for the use in medical, pharmaceutical or diagnostic applications.

The Wittenburg Group is a family-owned developer and manufacturer of a broad range of customized polymer solutions for medical, food contact and other demanding applications. Its medical compounding infrastructure and capability to produce complexs and multi-component Thermoplastic Elastomers and Engineering Plastics compounds are the key strengths of the Wittenburg Group.


Being committed to always meet increasing customer requirements we partner with compound producers, who offer Bormed based tailor-made solutions to the market.

Because we are committed


BormedTM trusted quality and conformance provides compounders with a dedicated Bormed portfolio for their offering to the healthcare market.

Because we are reliable


The symbiosis of commitment to the healthcare industry, expertise and cooperation with the right partners is essential for successful compounding solutions.

Because we believe in service