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Push the envelope on performance in healthcare applications with Bormed™ PL8830-PH

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Thanks to our dedicated range of Bormed™ polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) grades for rigid and flexible products, Borealis has one of the largest product offerings for the global healthcare industry. The launch of the first regulated plastomers solution for the industry, Bormed PL8830-PH, was not only a welcome portfolio expansion: it has made Borealis the only raw material supplier to currently offer a material that can bridge the gap between thermoplastics and elastomers.

Using Bormed PL8830-PH makes it possible for our customers to meet the technical requirements of a wide variety of end uses. While its principle application is as a modifier in pharmaceutical film – in medical fluid bags, for example – it is also well suited for use in pouch systems in pharmaceutical packaging. Because this regulated grade is also included in our Bormed™ Concept service package, customers can rely on the reliable and secure supply of regulated raw materials which comply with European, US Pharmacopeia, and ISO standards in regard to safety, biocompatibility, and toxicity.

Bormed™ PL8830-PH: FAQs

What is Bormed PL8830-PH?

  • Bormed PL8830-PH is an ethylene-based, octene-1 plastomer produced using a metallocene catalyst in a solution polymerisation process. As a reactor polymer (and not a compound), it offers the very highest and most consistent quality.

How should Bormed PL8830-PH be used?

  • Bormed PL8830-PH is the ideal choice when a versatile polyolefins blend is required in film, extrusion, and moulding applications.

Which are the main applications for this regulated grade?

  • Pharmaceutical primary packaging: IV bags, Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD), pouch systems, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) bags
  • Pharmaceutical secondary packaging
  • Film for medical device packaging
  • Bioreactors

Which are the most important characteristics of Bormed PL8830-PH?

  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Narrower melting ranges
  • Higher level of filler acceptance
  • Excellent performance at very low temperatures
  • Cost-per-volume advantage of low-density polymers

What are the advantages for manufacturers and end users?

Bormed PL8830-PH is an ethylene-based, octene-1 plastomer. Because it is a reactor polymer, it boasts the very highest and most consistent quality. Overall, it exhibits excellent purity and cleanliness. It offers enhanced compatibility with PP, easy processing, clarity, and flexibility on an elastomers level. Bormed PL8830-PH has been specifically developed to be used as a versatile blend partner along with other polyolefins in film, extrusion, and moulding applications and offers any number of advantages, from manufacturer to end user:

  • Tailored high-performance attributes to meet the most stringent application requirements when blended with the other controlled resins of the Bormed portfolio
  • High pack integrity, even at low temperatures, helps prevent damage to receptacles such as pouches, and produces a tight seal which reduces risk of outside contamination
  • Simplified processes: because it contains very low levels of antioxidants but no other additives, less effort is required to evaluate potential interaction between the application or packaging material itself, and its contents
  • Potential cost savings: helps reduce manufacturing costs because it allows for the significant reduction in the number of non-polyolefin impact modifiers used to achieve performance properties like impact strength
  • Enhanced sustainability: using Bormed PL8830-PH instead of non-polyolefins yields a mono-material which is more easily recyclable.

Like other members of the Bormed family of grades tailored to healthcare applications, quality assurance for Bormed™ PL8830-PH is guaranteed thanks to the Bormed Concept. Customers can rely on continuity of supply thanks to a two-year, underwritten pre-notification prior to product change (in accordance with pre-arranged Technical Delivery Specification with customer). Long-term traceability is made possible in part due to retention of Quality Control data and samples. Superior product consistency, quality and purity are maintained through special production and quality precautions.

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The Borealis Healthcare Team

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