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Bormed™ InCompounds expands to include leading compounder MOCOM

The service solution Bormed™ InCompounds enables Borealis customers to tailor compounds based on Bormed™ for use in a broader and growing range of targeted healthcare applications and products. Built on value chain co-operation with trusted and established partners in healthcare compounding, Bormed InCompounds has now been joined by a fourth partner, the globally leading compounder MOCOM.

MOCOM has been certified to ISO 13485, the standard governing quality management for medical devices, and one of the prerequisites for inclusion in the group of trusted Bormed InCompounds partners. Like our other long-standing partners Avient, Melitek, and Wittenburg, MOCOM has fulfilled this and other stringent selection criteria. For example, one important criterion is the existence of an established healthcare product brand, which in MOCOM’s case is Alcom® MED. A second is that each partner maintains a dedicated healthcare team composed of marketing and business development managers as well as application and regulatory experts.

Bormed™ InCompounds

“We are delighted to have joined Bormed InCompounds,” says Söhnke Müller, Senior Director Global Product Management. “The Bormed service package is ideally aligned with the promise we make to our own customers and value chain partners with our Alcom® MED brand.”

“Our criteria for adding new members to Bormed InCompounds are strict. Yet we are always pleased to be able to welcome committed partners like MOCOM, because this expands the options available to our customers,” explains Nina Ackermans, Borealis Head of Marketing Advanced Products. “MOCOM has a well-deserved reputation as a world-class compounder well acquainted with the needs of the healthcare industry and is a valuable addition to Bormed InCompounds.”

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